5 Effective Yoga Poses for Digestion
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Whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, fourth day of July, Hanukkah, many major holidays center around families and friends enjoying a meal. But what happens when you take the good times a little bit too far? More often than not, you need up with our 5 effective yoga poses for digestion.

So, here are 5 effective Yoga Poses for Digestion

Marjaryasana Bitilasana (Cow/Cat Pose) 

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This is the best yoga poses for digestion, from a seated position, get onto your knees, hip-distance apart, and place your hands firmly onto the floor or you mat, grounding yourself. Have your shoulders positioned beneath your hands? Inhale deeply, bringing your shoulder back, raising your face, and gaze upwards to the sky and life your hips, gently curving your back. Hold and deeply exhale, curving your back upwards, dropping your head and gaze downwards, and pulling your sitting bone inwards. Repeat ten times are breathing deeply.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog)

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This is a yoga twist poses; you can begin this pose in a plank, arms shoulders distance apart, feet hip-distance apart, hands and feet grounded. Begin to lift your hips upwards, strengthening your core, and letting your head drop. Have a slight micro-bend in your knees, gently pull your shoulders away from your ears, and lengthen your spine. Remember to breathe deeply. Close your eyes, and concentrate on your breath. Hold this position for between 1-3 minutes.

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

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This is yoga poses for good digestion that begins in a standing position, relaxing your neck. Step forward with your right foot, having it point forward. Move your left foot behind you, turning towards the left at a 90-degree angle; your heals should be in line. Turn your trunk towards the left, raising your arms, shoulder level, in line with each other, and parallel with your legs. Lift your torso upwards, stretch your shoulders away from your torso, have your palms facing fingers downwards together, ground your feet, and breathe deeply several times.

Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose)

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yoga poses for digestion and constipation; this asana begin on all fours. Keeping your feet hip-distance apart, begin to walk your arms out in front of you. Allow your head and chest to rest on the floor, breathe in deeply. Hold this poses for a minute and repeat until you feel ease.

Kundalini Asanas

Kundalini asanas is a very old system that comprises of a large selection of meditation techniques. The yoga form is a brilliant and wonderful combination of poses, incantations, and breathing exercises. The poses under the Kundalini yoga are specifically targeted at strengthening the glands and nerves, the lymphatic system, and circulatory system.

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