Yoga Pose for Heart Patients
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Here, discover yoga pose presents contraindicated for heart issues. “Contraindication” is a clinical term regularly utilized in yoga to depict a state of being that makes a specific posture ill-advised for the specialist. On the off chance that you have a heart issue, respect your body by maintaining a strategic distance from or changing these yoga presents.

Yoga Pose is a part of well-being and happy life if you want to stay fit and fine for a long time and enjoy life healthily then the one thing you do for sure on a regular basis is nothing other than Yoga. The presence of yoga in your life might not bring any substantial change but the absence of yoga will make much impact that can be guaranteed.

 Benefits of Yoga Pose

Yoga keeps mental peace, helps in focusing on work, keeps the body fit undoubtedly, and makes the body more flexible and less vulnerable to the new diseases that come up with new names every year. There are diseases of various types but all the disease can be stopped from affecting you if you keep yourself fit by doing regular yoga and also some quality meditation.

Can yoga beat heart diseases?

Most of the diseases can be defeated by practising yoga asanas, the importance of yoga is very much when we talk about heart diseases in any age group. There are so many problems that people face due to the heart’s functioning, yoga can reduce heart problems to a large extent. Yoga can reduce the chances of heart attack or heart failure or the mental pressure that can probably affect the heart, yoga is also a great cure for mental agony, anxiety and depression which all can lead to heart problems if it continues for a long term.

For whom is yoga more beneficial?

Yoga asanas reduces the stress and we know we all have to bear some stress in every age be it a student, parent, old aged person, manager, worker, businessman and everyone who is having some responsibility, if we all manage to take out some quality time for yoga then we can handle the stressful situation easily. We cannot run away from work or responsibility but we can learn to handle all such work being healthy and having a peaceful mindset.

Is yoga good for heart?

Yoga is a mental booster when the person reaches the age of forty, he or she feels tired very soon, they do not feel like trying new methods of being happy they try to settle down and enjoy the life in a flow as it goes on, this happens when the mind doesn’t support any extra activity but if we observe a person with yoga habits then we will see some positive mindset of going to the same workplace every day and yet coming back to the same house with a big smile and expectations of comfort at it level best and not being tired or irritated. If you have observed this scenario then you must have started doing yoga because it keeps the mind free and boosts up the metabolism along with a positive mindset and a happy mood. When the person is happy after 40 years, the chances of heart attacks and other heart diseases reduces as by that time regular yoga has made up his metabolism and immunity strong enough to handle office and other activities with the least amount of stress. Yet there are many situations of shock and sadness which have a huge effect on the brain and heart, the one must be ready to tackle any mental pressure by meditating as meditation is also a part of yoga.

Can yoga cure heart blockage?

There are many senior citizens or elderly persons who are already suffering from heart problems or might have had major heart attacks too but are still doing good by eating healthy and avoiding stressful situations and heated arguments, for them even doctors would recommend doing some regular exercises. But we often tend to forget as soon as we come out of that dreadful situation where life is falling apart, don’t fool yourself by avoiding exercises as medicine cannot always cure you if you are not mentally ready and willing to get cured. There is always a silver lining when the dark cloud glows after the rain, yoga is that silver ray of hope for all the people out there who need to regain control over life, as no one likes to be controlled by some heart attack tension or panic or dying. If you do yoga then you can live life stress-free and not die every day out of fear.

Which is the best yoga pose/exercise for heart?

Some yoga asanas for protecting your heart from being vulnerable to any disease that might be dangerous.

  1. The mountain pose- This pose helps to make your vertebral and heart strong and healthy, all you need to do is stand strong, keep your legs at an easy position and lift up your hand and touch the tip of one hand with another making a triangle over your head.

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5 Yoga Pose for Heart Patients 1
  • The tree pose- This one is also a very easy one but the impact matters more, the pose is the same as the mountain pose but here you have to fold one leg sidewards and this pose makes the doer feel relaxed and happy along with some stretching of the shoulder.

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5 Yoga Pose for Heart Patients 2


  • The triangle pose- To perform this yoga you have to stand straight and keep your leg at a little distance and then you have to bend sideways to touch left hand to your left leg and right hand to the right leg, this helps to stretch and open the heart for smooth functioning.

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5 Yoga Pose for Heart Patients 3
  • The chair pose- this is a simple pose though a bit difficult to hold on in this posture as you have to sit like you are sitting on a chair but there is no chair. This pose will make you feel immediately that there is an increase in your rate of heartbeat and you breathe faster. This is a stretching of the heart and chest.
  • Downward facing dog pose-  you have to stand straight and then bend till your palms touch the ground and that has to be a shape of a mountain or an inverted V, the regular doing of this increases the lung capacity and the chest muscles become strong.

Everyone must do yoga irrespective of their age and any disease they already have because yoga makes you better and gives positivity to life, when the mind is healthy one starts enjoying everything that comes as a challenge.