5 YOGA Poses FOR Headaches

YOGA Poses FOR Headaches
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Yoga is checking the impulse of mind – Patanjali. Yoga is the best form of exercise that keeps your mind and body in good condition. Yoga helps in various things such as to improve flexibility, improve your heart if you are facing any heart diseases, yoga is meant to give cure from any sorts of headaches such as migraines, or any other internal and external pains. Yoga helps in keeping an individual physically and mentally fit.


Yoga has numerous amounts of benefits such as:

Yoga helps in achieving a lot of benefits such as inner peace. It also helps in giving our mind some rest. Other than that yoga helps in curing various sorts of diseases such as liver problems, helps in remaining physically active. Yoga helps in keeping our arm and leg muscles toned and in shape. It also helps in strengthening the back muscles as well as the abdomen region.  It also helps in massaging the pelvic region. Most importantly it helps in controlling the weight, it helps in maintaining the weight balance. While performing yoga the whole body gets involved this helps in increasing the flexibility as well as helps in curing asthma as it stretches and opens the chest which helps in increasing the airflow in the body. yoga also helps in boosting one internally by lifting confidence, giving mental power, and strength. Along with this yoga also helps in regaining all the strength that we have lost during the day. Yoga helps in gaining control over the muscular movements.

The benefits mentioned above are just a few of them that yoga helps us in achieving, there are many other benefits given by yoga. Along with the benefits, yoga has many exercises under it called asanas. Each asana helps in curing one or the other diseases.

Is yoga the cure for headaches?

Headaches are caused due to various ways such as hormonal imbalance, due to the sun, menstruation for females, migraines and many other reasons, along with this there are various forms of headaches such as migraines which is different from the headaches we get due to cold or flu. Headaches are faced by almost every individual from the age of 10 to 60 plus. Headaches are one of the pains that we are ready to tolerate it quietly.

Headaches can be cured in various ways such as through tablets, creams, and many more but do you know what’s the best way to cure headaches its yoga. There is no requirement of consuming any tablets and creams which may have side effects hence why yoga is the best way to cure diseases as yoga does not have any side effects. It benefits our body as a whole. Yoga helps in relieving any kind of stress and tension present in a person’s mind. Its bits of help in calming the mind keeping all the nerves calm and healthy. Altogether yoga’s main aim is to relax the mind and body. If the mind is relaxed it keeps in avoiding headaches.

Various yoga exercises or asanas such as meditation, breathing exercises, and much more help in relaxing the mind this helps in keeping one away from headaches. People who do not have frequent headaches must also put this into practice.

Who can perform yoga?

An individual of any age can perform yoga staring from an elementary school to a senior citizen. Yoga is proved to work, and benefit individuals of any age group have it offers multiple benefits. Hence why everyone must take some time from their schedule and perform yoga regularly to improve your health.

Types of yoga that can be followed while suffering from a headache:

Various exercises/ asana/ pranayamas can be performed to cure or avoid headaches some of which are mentioned below along with a few descriptions.

  1. Meditation: it is considered to be the best way to cure headaches as when you are breathing there is an intake of a lot of oxygen that flows through the whole body that is it even flows through the mind this helps in relaxing the nerves and giving relief from headaches.
  2. Shavasana: it is also known as the sleeping pose. In this pose an individual lies flat on the ground on their back and concentrates and reflects on the certain situation while breathing normally and finally once a person is in a complete relaxed form they wake up fresh this also helps in curing headaches since all the stress and tension is avoided or kept aside.
  3. Seated neck release: the neck is connected with the head so stretching out the neck helps in curing the headache. To perform this exercise, one should sit in a comfortable position then using your right-hand press your head and move it in the right direction hold it for a few minutes. Repeat the same method on the left side. This helps in calming your nerves and gives relief from any kind of headaches.
  4. Chakrasana: This exercise benefits one in various ways one of the benefits is a headache. To perform this asana, one should lie flat on the ground on their back slowly widen your legs, bend your kneed both left and right make sure that the heels are touching your body. bend the right hand and the left hand slowly raise your body to stay in this position for few seconds and relax. This is the best way through which one can get relief from headaches.


Yoga is considered to be the most effective way to cure diseases. performing yoga regularly helps in avoiding any kind of pains in the body. yoga cures a lot of diseases one of which is headaches. Various asanas help in curing headaches that are mentioned above. Since headaches do not have the right age any person can perform this asana. These asanas will be more effective if performed regularly. Headaches are not a minor issue many people suffer from acute headaches. Yoga is the best way through which an individual can cure headaches or avoid them. This is because in yoga various nerves are kept in mind or are concentrated on while performing the asana.

Everyone’s main aim is to remain fit and stay away from any kind of disease as far as possible. This is not impossible; one can stay away from various diseases and tensions if proper care is taken. Patience is the key. Nothing can be achieved in a single try. So, perform yoga regularly to remain healthy and avoid any sorts of pains and stress.