Yoga Pose for Knee Pain
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Do you often complain about knee pain? Does climbing a single stair of the steps seem like a mammoth task? We understand how bothersome it can be! Knee pain is caused due to weakened bones or injured tissues in your knee joints. Following yoga for knee pain can prove to be beneficial in strengthening your joints and reducing the inflammation. Moreover, performance gently stretches can reduce pressure in the area and offer instant relief from the pain.

So, here are nine yoga poses for knee pain, from least to most intense.

6 Yoga for Knee Pain

Joint Warm-Up

Yoga for knee pain often starts with a range of motion exercises, and this is a good way to start a home practice. Lie on your back, both legs extended. Make sure to inhale and bend your right knee towards your chest. Hold your right knee with your right hand, and begin to make circles with the hip in both directions.

You can make these circles as big or small as feels good. Take time to circle your ankle before lowering the right leg and repeating the circles with your left leg.

Supta Padangusthasana (Reclined Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose)


Unlike the standing version, reclined hand to big toe pose gently lengthens hamstrings and safely stretch tendons and ligaments.

Lie on your back; legs extended long. Use a strap to loop around the ball of your right foot. Inhale, and on an exhale, lift the leg to the ceiling. Keep both of your feet flexed. Breathe here for a few breaths, gently the hamstrings, and then place your left hand on your left hip to remind it to stay rooted to the ground as you exhale and allow your right leg to open to the right. Only go as far as you can keep the left hip to the ground. Take ten deep breaths, and then use the right inner thigh muscles to guide the leg back to the center. Lower, and then switch legs.

Yoga for Knee Pain

Anjaneyasana (Low lunge)


This is a great yoga poses for knee pain; low lunges stretch the hip flexors and can release pressure on the hamstrings. 

Start from all fours. Use a blanket to pad the knees if you are feeling discomfort. All you need to do is to step your right foot forward between the hands. You can use blocks underneath your hand on any level if you need more space in the right hip crease. Also make sure the right knee is directly above the right ankle.

Keeping your back toes tucked, lift the back knee, and move your foot backward until you feel a stretch in the left hip flexor. Also, place the knee back down and breathe in this pose for five to ten breaths. You can bring your hands to your right thigh if you feel comfortable, or inhale them over your head for more of a balancing challenge. Switch sides and repeat.

Setubandhanasana (Bridge Pose)


This is an excellent yoga exercise for knee pain; use a block in this pose between the upper thighs to increase strength and bring balance to the muscles of the legs.

Try to lie on your back, knees bent, and feet hips-width distance apart. Heels should be about a hand point away from your hips. Place the block between your upper thighs.

Bend your elbows and allow your palms to face each other across your body. On an inhale, press into your feet and the backs of your upper arms to lift your hips to the sky. Press the roundest part of the back of your head into the mat to maintain space behind your neck. Hold for five to ten breaths, and then lower slowly on an exhale. Repeat it two times.

Utkatasana (Chair Pose)


This yoga postures for knee pain strengthens the quad muscles, hamstrings, and glutes to support the knee. Standing tall, bring your feet together. Bring hands together at heart, palms touching on an inhale.

As you exhale, sink your hips back behind you like you are sitting in a chair. Your toes should be clearly visible in front of your knees. Make sure to take the ten deep breaths, then stand up on an inhale and shake out your legs.

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)


This yoga for knee pain relief pose; for it, step out in a wide stance. Also make sure to have a block ready at the top of your mat. Turn the right foot to the short edge of your mat, following the same alignment instructions as the warrior pose.

Engage the quadriceps of your right leg – pull up on the kneecap and press firmly into the right big toe mound. Inhale your arms to the shape of a T, and on an exhale, begin to pull your right hip back as you reach forward with your right hand.

Once you have reached as far as you can, pivot the right hand to a block by your right foot and reach your left hand to the sky. Keep your shoulder blades on your back, and imagine that your heart and torso are twisting towards the sky. If it is okay with your neck, turn to look at your left hand. Keep your kneecaps lifted.

Breathe here for five to ten breaths, and then press into both feet and inhale to come back up.

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