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Yoga offers a certain peace of mind and tranquility to us in its own spiritual and calming methods. Yoga poses for thyroid has been in effect ever since the study in 2016 that claimed 6 months of yoga practices can reduce the levels of thyroid and cholesterol by a good extend. It is the practice of being a master of your own mind and body, through many physical and mental exercises that stimulates you body organs and improve its metabolism.

                  Most of the yoga for thyroid treatment mainly revolve around increasing the movement of the neck where thyroid gland is located. These yoga asanas for thyroid problems makes us stretch the particular area in order to give the needed stimulation to the tissues and blood vessels. It can be easily taken up and followed through.

Yoga Asanas for Thyroid Patients:

              Thyroid is a medical condition related to the thyroid gland. It can be divided into hypothyroidism meaning a lack of thyroid hormone and hyperthyroidism meaning an abundance of thyroid hormone. Symptoms of thyroid include fatigue, constipation, diarrhoea, swelling, weight gain or loss etc. Yoga for thyroid problem addresses these.

              Researches seem to have concluded that yoga for thyroid treatment definitely has a strong and positive impact on lipid levels, blood sugar levels, body composition, abdominal problems, headaches and what more, type 2 diabetes. Doing yoga is also said to have improvement in pulmonary functions and also reduce medication a person has to take. Hence these yoga asanas for thyroid came forth.

             Yoga for thyroid has to be done on a daily basis for it to be effective. Like for instance, if a person stops doing yoga abruptly and starts it again suddenly after some time, it can affect them badly and can even cause severe muscle pain. Even though practising yoga as a daily routine is beneficial for thyroid patients, make sure to consult your doctor for a better instruction according to your body’s capacity.

           Most of the yoga poses for thyroid is related to increasing the blood circulation around the gland and also to stimulate it in a positive way. They help stretch and strengthen your neck where the gland is located. And also since these yoga poses for thyroid may involve a lot of bending, be careful not to overdo it and cause further problems to your spine. Take the steps one at a time without rush, and start off by doing just 2 or 3 poses a day and later move on to more poses on a regular basis.

Dos and Don’ts of Yoga:

  • What to Do:
  • Manage or control your breathing in accordance with every step of the pose
  • Warm up before starting the exercises
  • Should be done on a regular basis
  • Use a blanket for doing the poses on the floor
  • Have a clean body while doing yoga
  • Wear lose clothing for stretches and bends to go smoothly
  • Always lay on your back for 20 minutes after every routine
  • What not to Do:
  • Do not do yoga with an upset stomach
    • Don’t do yoga under direct sunlight
    • Don’t do strenuous exercises along with yoga
    • Beginners should take care to start with the most basic and simple poses in order to get familiarised with the whole concept of it.
    • Don’t drink water for 30 minutes after doing yoga

Yoga Asanas for Thyroid:

              Here are some of the poses that have been claimed to reduce thyroid levels over time. Make sure to go through the instructions carefully and not to quickly do the poses. Maintain your breath while doing the poses too. Also people of any age can do these irrespective of whether you are a thyroid patient or not. It will only give your life more peace and a healthy body.

  • Cat-Cow Pose:

          Start by bending down and sitting on all fours with your knee bent and leg backward and your hands supporting on the ground. As you inhale bend down with your head towards the ground in an arc and as you exhale bend upwards with your head bent backwards and your spine curved. Repeat this for a few minutes and release.

          This pose is beneficial for the circulation of spinal fluid.

  • Legs-up-The-Wall Pose:

           Start by lying flat on your back, and close to a wall. Bring your legs up touching the wall, with your buttocks pressing against the wall. Your body should make a perpendicular shape along the wall and floor and stretch your legs as much as you can. Relax for a bit and repeat.

           It stimulates the pancreas and improves blood sugar control.

  • Fish Pose:
Matsyasana Fish Pose

          First lay down flat on your back with your fingers underneath your buttocks. Exerting pressure on your elbows, rise the lower half of the body up by curving upwards and neck bent backwards. Without straining too much, relax he pose and come back down in stages and repeat.

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                This pose stimulates the thyroid by exposing the neck are.

  • Camel Pose:
Camel Pose

         Bend your knees and sit down with your feet extended behind you and you upper half of the body erect and upwards. Place your hands at the base of your backbone with fingers facing down and slightly bend backwards exerting pressure on your palms and towards your lower back; bending your neck along with it.

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            It increases circulation to the thyroid area.

  • Cobra Pose:

         Lie in your stomach with your legs straight behind you. Press onto the floor with your palms and straighten up your arms; in doing so lift your head up and curve your body upwards supporting on your hands. Keep your gaze straight upward and remain in the pose for about 30 seconds.

           It boosts circulation and stimulation to thyroid glands.

  • Corpse Pose:

        Relax your body and lie flat on your back with your arms beside you close to the body and facing up. Be in a straight line position and relax with closed eyes for about 20 minutes.

        It can help with insomnia and headache.

          To conclude, yoga has been around for at least 5000 years. Yoga asanas for thyroid problems even though came about in the quite recent years have been proven efficient even though late. A life of stress can contribute directly to thyroid, so it is effective to do some peaceful yoga and meditation to get rid of the stress and anxiety. Queries related to yoga for thyroid treatment can be discussed below in the comments, and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.