Yoga for Depression - Banish Depression from your system

Sadhguru talks about how to deal with yourself in such a way that you can ban depression from your system.

Sadhguru: We need to understand what depression is. What is a "layer"? What is happening in you? You basically expected something to happen and it didn't. You expected someone or something to be your way or the world or fate to be your way, and it didn't happen. In other words, you are just against what is happening; that's all. Maybe you are against a person, maybe you are against a whole situation, maybe you are against life itself. Accordingly, the depression will go deeper and deeper.

Why are you against something? Just because you were not doing well, right? Why would the whole world go your way? Please know, the world is not going to be so stupid. Either you have no faith in the creator or you have no acceptance, or both, and you have a hypersensitive ego. That's why you get depressed.

In yoga, depression is treated at the level of the body, mind and energies.

Depression makes you cynical and is deeply self-harming. Depressed people only hurt themselves more. Killing does not necessarily have to mean physical killing. A depressed person always tries to do himself more damage. A man who goes out with the sword and kills someone, his ego is not as sensitive and it doesn't need as much care as the ego of a depressed man. The violent man can be settled very easily. Have you seen this on the street? If people get into a fight, if there is a man with a little bit of wisdom, if he just treats them right, those people who try to kill each other the next moment, they will drop it and become friends and go away. But this is not the case with the depressed person. He will carry this for life. Whether they do it consciously or not, these people continue to sharpen their knife and cut their own hearts. Why does someone keep hurting themselves? In general it is to get sympathy. For a very depressed person, normal sympathy is not enough; someone should bleed with him.

What is in you that can hurt? If I hit your body with a stick, the body will hurt; that is different. What else hurts you? Just the ego, right? The mind and the inner nature cannot be hurt. Only the ego gets hurt. So when you say, "I want to grow," growth means moving on, trampling your ego, and moving on.

One can turn every emotion into a creative force in their life. If your grief reminds you that you are incomplete, it is good; use your grief to grow. But when you get sad, when you get irritated and angry, and all this world is wrong, then you are a fool. Do you want to make anger out of this sorrow or in love and compassion? When you are sad, it is very easy to become compassionate. It is already a dissolving type of energy; you can use it for further dissolution that leads you to your ultimate well-being.

Depression makes you cynical and is deeply self-harming. Depressed people only hurt themselves more.

The unfortunate reality in people right now is that their humanity will only function if they are torn apart by life. For most people, adulthood will not occur without knowing sadness and pain. Otherwise, they never understand what is happening to them and anyone else around them.

In yoga, depression is treated at the level of the body, mind and energies. When the necessary balance and vibrancy is brought about in the physical, mental and energetic bodies, bliss is very natural. In a blessed being, depression can never exist.

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