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BHUJANGASANA Yoga Pose: Bhujangasana is widely known as the cobra pose. Bhujang means snake (cobra) and the pose appropriately justifies the name as the pose or the asana resembles a snake that has its hood raised. When this asana is performed, it leads to the raising of cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions of the human spine which provides many benefits to the one performing it. It is a part of a series of poses in Surya Namaskar.


It is one of those poses that are easy to learn and perform. It has an energizing effect on the body and is very helpful in correcting the imbalance in one’s posture. It is one of the most recommended exercises for strengthening of your back and spine. Just like any in other aasan, inhaling and exhaling is an essential part of this pose. Focusing on breathing while holding this pose helps in relieving oneself from anxiety and stress.

Mastering this pose can help you fight with obesity or weight gain, body stiffness, back pain and stomach disorders. In several cases, this pose is also recommended for people with respiratory problems. It is also found to be very effective in case of women suffering from uterine disorders. It is said to have a medicinal effect on women suffering from irregular menstrual cycles and leucorrhoea.

It is a pose that provides you with multiple benefits and helps you correct various disorders and illnesses in your body and mind. This pose should ideally be performed with an empty stomach. 10-15 minutes of performing this exercise can be your head start to having a healthy life.

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Steps of Bhujngasana Yoga Pose

STEP 1: The first step is to lie down on your stomach with your forehead touching the ground. Make sure that your toes are flat. Keep your legs close together and your feet and heels should be only brushing with each other.

STEP 2: The next step is to place your hands under your shoulder in such a way that your palms face downwards. Make sure that your elbows are parallel and close to your core.

STEP 3: The next step is to breathe in and slowly raise your head, chest and then abdomen. Make sure that while you lift your upper body, you navel should be touching the ground. Stretch back to the capacity of your body. Tilt your head back and look up.

STEP 4: While you curve your spine focus on your breathing. Make your breathing the center of your attention. This will help you to improve your concentration and relive your mind of stress.

STEP 5: Hold the pose for 20-30 seconds and while you exhale, take your initial position on the ground. Repeat this for the next 10-15 minutes as per your body allows and make sure you don’t overdo.

Benefits of Bhuangasana Yoga Pose:

This pose is effective in treating a lot of disorders and illnesses.

  • While stretching, it tones the abdominal muscles thus, reducing the stomach fat
  • It helps in improving the blood circulation of the body
  • It is known to help relax muscles of back, neck and abdomen
  • It helps to stretch the parathyroid glands thus, keeping the thyroid disease in check
  • It helps to remove the stagnant blood in kidneys and helps to supply fresh blood which is useful for maintaining good kidney health
  • It helps to correct imbalanced body postures
  • It is effective in developing your chest and in firming of bust
  • It helps to stretch the internal region of lungs which proves to be very useful for people suffering from asthma
  • When practised daily, it helps in strengthening of muscles
  • It helps to regulate the secretion of gastric juices which proves to be effective in case of indigestion, constipation etc.
  • It lessens the pain in the sciatic nerve and in many cases it cures the problem forever
  • For someone suffering from the problem of a slipped disc, this pose is very beneficial
  • During the pose, the adrenal glands are massaged optimally. The hormones from these glands help in reducing stress and anxiety
  • It helps to stretch the uterine muscles and ovaries and is very effective for women suffering from uterine disorders
  • It helps in the optimal release of cortisone which helps in alleviating rheumatism

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Contraindications of BHUJANGASANA Yoga Pose

  • Pregnant women should avoid cobra pose
  • If you’re someone who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, you should defer from practicing this aasan
  • If you have recently undergone an abdominal surgery like hernia, this should be avoided
  • For someone who has a broken wrist or ribs, this pose can cause more harm than good
  • Asthma patients should practice breathing through pranayama before practicing the cobra pose
  • This pose should be avoided if you have spondylitis

Alternatives of BHUJANGASANA Yoga Pose

Some alternative exercises and aasan can be performed in beginning before mastering the cobra pose.

In the initial stages, high planks can be performed. They help to strengthen the core. To learn how to concentrate your mind breathing, practice can be done through pranayama.

In the beginning, you might face problem with stretching your body. In that case, you can try stretching in a standing pose.


Yoga is known for calming the minds and healing bodies. It helps in improving not just physical health but mental health as well. surya namaskar is widely known series of yoga poses and bhujangasana is a part of it.

Bhujangasana helps in soothing mind and curing and alleviating various physical diseases. It should be performed with precision to yield the best results.

This pose has an energizing effect on the body and adding this bit of yoga to your routine will help reduce your body age and keep you healthy.


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