Bridge Yoga for Kids
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Setu Bhandaasana (Bridge yoga)

Bridge Yoga for Kids: Bridge yoga is known as Setu Bhandaasana in Sanskrit, and it is a standout amongst the most usually practised heart openers. This bridge posture yoga is a superb presentation into the universe of heart openers and can be done in a very active, challenging fashion or in a very passive, supported way.

Benefits of Setu Bhandaasana (Bridge Pose)

Bridge Yoga for Kids

1. Thyroid treatment

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The butterfly shape thyroid organ in the neck region gets reasonable activities and suitable massage because of practicing out this yogasana, which guarantees legitimate secretion of the thyroxin hormone. This hormone is advantageous for hyper and hypo thyroidisim. Rehearsing this bridge yoga position likewise makes thyroid organ healthy and disease-free.

2. Weight Loss

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The proper massage of the thyroid gland helps to control the metabolic process in the body. One can take maximum number of stretching in the belly region, which may be useful for belly fat burning and making the stomach flat.

3. Hair fall

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Bridge pose yoga is good for healthy hair. Doing the asana alongside the previously mentioned strategy guarantees a smooth flow of oxygen and supplements in the scalp area. It makes your follicle more grounded and nutritionally enriched, which is good to prevent hair loss and hair fall.

4. Depression

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You can fight your depression by practicing this yogasana. For depression, it acts as an anxiety therapy. Now, the question is raised how to bridge pose will help to lessen the symptoms of depression. The yogasana offers soothing massage to your entire spine. This action is not only good for the vertebral column, in fact, energizes the networks of nerves inside the spine. This entire process soothing and calming your mind thus helps in synchronization of mind and body. This calming effect to the brain makes sure in combating depression and its related symptoms.

5. Facial skin

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The regular practice of this asana is additionally useful for the fair complexion. It upgrades the excellence of your face by guaranteeing the supply of more oxygen and essential nutrients to the facial region. It revitalises the cells and tissues of the face and helps to make it fresh and refresh.

Further, the pose is famous amongst kids as Bridge Yoga for Kids.

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