Camel Pose
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Camel Pose and its introduction: This is one of the beginner’s yoga asana. Before jumping into this asana lets see about what yoga is.

So, what is the actual meaning of yoga?

When we speak generally about yoga the first thing that comes tour minds is mediation. Yoga is not only about meditation there is more to it. Yoga has been exiting since ancients and ancient times.

Yoga is knowing about yourself. It is about being more aware of your mind and body. yoga helps in recovering us from various stress. Thoughts giving us mental stability and support.

Yoga not only helps in mental health but also helps in taking care of any pains and problems in the body such as asthma. Any breathing problems. Back pains, leg pain, heart problems, lung problems, and many more.

Yoga is one of the best exercises around the world. It was mainly started because of the old scriptures, books, hymns, etc. yoga helps in keeping the mind and body at rest and peace. It helps in keeping our bodies in a very good position and condition.

Various yogis designed and formatted the yoga postures and are continuing to do so. They are working towards the benefit of various people’s health.

There are so many postures, asanas, and pranayamas in yoga. One of which is the camel pose.


This yoga posture is called a camel pose because of its original name. This yoga posture is done to oven your chest so that you can breathe as well as to circulate blood to the heart. This yoga pose is good to maintain strength in the body.

Steps to perform camel pose :

Step 1: the first step is to sit straight on the ground relaxing your back and shoulders.

Step 2: the second step is to slowly bend your knees and fold it backward. That is in the kneeling position. Slowly raise your upper body. now you are kneeling straight.

Step 3: the next step is to slowly raise your hands and touch your heels. Make sure that you inhale while doing so.

Now your lower body is straight and your upper body that is the stomach is flat your chin raises and your head is bent backward.

Step 4: make your that your thighs are firm and you are pulling your back behind. In other words, your back is bent, while the whole upper body is facing the ceiling.

Step 5:  when your inhaling your shoulders should be bent back and now your chest is opening its giving room to capture more oxygen.

Step 6: bring your hands slowly first to your hips, then slowly bring it down to the heels.

Step 7: make sure that you are not overstretching your neck this might strain the neck. Stay in this position for a couple of minutes that is 5 to 6 minutes.

Make sure to inhale and exhale at the same time.

Step 8: once you are done slowly raise your hands and bring it forward. Then slowly lift your back. now you are in the initial kneeling position.

Slowly sit on your heels, bring your legs to the front and relax. You are now in the first position from where you began.

This is how you perform the camel pose. It is preferable to perform this yoga on the yoga mat as the surface of the floor can be too hard on your knees.


There are a few alternatives that can be performed if there is any difficulty in performing this exercise.

The first alternative is you can keep a cushion under your knees. The second is if you can’t reach your hand till the heels then you can keep it on your hips and continue.


  1. It helps in opening up the chest and ensure proper breathing.
  2. This yoga posture helps in maintaining and improving one’s flexibility.
  3. It helps in curing any pains related to the lower back.
  4. It helps in curing the cramps during menstruation.
  5. It helps in the curing of any posture deformities.
  6. This yoga pose helps in curing backbend, hunch backs, and many other problems related to the back and shoulders.
  7. It helps in curing heart problems to some extent.
  8.  It helps in keeping the thighs firm and strong.
  9. This yoga poses help in toning the muscles present in the leg.


  • People suffering from tremendous backache should avoid this yoga posture.
  • Pregnant women should avoid this exercise.
  • Any individual suffering from blood pressure is high blood pressure or low blood pressure should avoid this asana.
  • Any individual who has a neck injury should avoid this yoga posture as your neck gets stretched in this exercise.
  • Any people who had a recent operation or surgery on any part of their body should be very careful while performing this asana.


To conclude, yoga is the best way to remain fit and healthy. Any asanas can be performed regularly to improve your body health. Yoga helps our bodies in many ways.

This asana that is the camel pose helps in giving a lot of benefits to our body. in this asana, the whole body is working, and the entire body is getting stretches at the same time.

Camel pose is considered to be one of the most difficult but the best pose to perform. It is necessary to follow the steps before performing the asana. The instructions are mentioned above. This is to avoid any kind of strains, sprains, and pain while performing this yoga posture.

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