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What is the Meaning of PPE Kit?

PPE kit Meaning: PPE kits Meaning were a term obscure to the layman – until of course, the series of recent unfortunate events that have driven them to become a necessity. Many may still, however, be ignorant of a PPE kit’s meaning. Thus to educate them of this crucial commodity, we shall start of by answering an obvious question that would pop up in an individuals mind.


What is a PPE Kit Full Form?

Well, to answer the question, PPE’s full form is Personal Protective Equipment.

The extended form may well indicate what is a PPE kit’s meaning – it is a set of devices equipped by someone to protect themselves from dangerous elements in an environment. It does this by creating an impenetrable barrier between the wearer and the hazardous element in question. We can say a PPE kit means an armour of sorts, which protects the wearer against hazardous environments like substances infected by pathogens instead of swords or bullets. A PPE kit is synonymous to a PPE kit. These kits can help protect and fight against a myriad of different extreme cases of contamination and plagues, high-risk construction sites, nuclear energy facilities.

PPE kits for Corona Viruses

And even the pandemic we are struggling against right now. The PPE kits for corona viruses are made specifically to combat the viral outbreak we are beholding.

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What does a PPE kit constitute of? How does it protect me?

PPE kits consist of a mask, an impermeable woven or non-woven body suit, safety gloves, respirators, head covers and a few other items essential in preventing any exposure to an unsafe environment. Thus the pathogenic agents carrying the virus are unable to reach the wearer as they’re blocked of  by the components housed in the PPE kits. The wearer is thus effectively isolated from the contaminated environment and is kept safe.

The creation of the many impenetrable barriers between the wearer and the environment, however, tends to obstruct free movement. Thus it can possibly impair the ability to perform necessary work and cause significant discomfort. It can also hinder a free flow of breath, and impair vision and hearing – all sensory functions of the body, in general, as it is designed specifically to isolate the body from the environment. Needless to say, if our body is isolated from our surroundings, it is only obvious that we would be unable to sense it as well as we usually do, which may come about as a major hindrance. However, they provide the necessary protection to the user from the risks entailing and thus are worth the pains it causes.

The flaw of these kits however remains that they are a form of protection and not a solution – in case the kit fails, the user is exposed to the environment anyway and may be subjected to harm. It is, however, one of the few vessels of hope that mankind is clinging on to right now; that is until a cure, or at least a vaccine is developed against the dreaded virus tormenting humankind right now. Until that golden day, we must fight and survive with the best we have at hand. And the PPE kit is, certainly, the best form of protection that we can find for ourselves.

Thus we can easily see how this has now become a product of urgent need, given the pandemic crises ensuing in the world over as the article is being written. Needless to say, we would want to keep ourselves as safe as possible and sometimes, a mask just doesn’t prove to be sufficient. PPE kits are absolutely essential for doctors and health workers working in extremely pathogenic environments to ensure their safety, while they ensure those of others.

What is PPE kit Price in India?

If you are so unfortunate as to reside in a location heavily affected by the viral outbreak, you might want to consider equipping yourself with a PPE kit to warrant your own safety as well, particularly when shopping for essentials when you are at the highest risk of exposure to the virus. You might be wondering – how much does a PPE kit cost? 

PPE kit price varies from one manufacturer to another. The conditions that exist around us imply that these essential commodities cannot be imported from other countries, as the virus may spread. with them thus defeating.

Who are the PPE kit manufacturers in India?

 There are big players in PPE kit manufactures in India such as 3M have been in overdrive, strenuously trying to produce as many units as possible owing to the viral outbreak, attempting to bridge the gap between demand and supply.

Usually, PPE kits for medical personnel are manufactured so that they may effectively help in diagnosis and quarantining of affected patients. However, this doesn’t mean that the average consumer cannot purchase them.

PPE Kit Price range from less than 800 INR to a few thousand INR depending on the degree of protection required. Disposable iterations even go for as low as INR 500, thus making them a viable purchase for the average Indian. PPE kit images are readily available on e-commerce platforms so you can see how a PPE kit would look like and which one would suit your needs. Being so accessible and available to the common man, there seems to be absolutely no reason to invest in a PPE – it is, after all, your life and well-being in question.

Thus we can see how absolutely crucial a PPE kit is in these times of crises. Despite all of their varied shortcomings, they are indeed one of our best lines of defense against the virus which haunts us all. Thus we must not ignore their necessity – indeed, these suits could be the difference of life and death right now. Instead of risking our lives, it is highly advisable to invest in a PPE kit to ensure your safety. Thus, you might want to consider procuring them right now, as there are only a handful of them available in the market, and a long queue of people who need them.

Time is running out. Act quickly and wisely.

Stay safe and healthy.

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