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SADHGURU History: Sadhguru is a very down to earth person who lives his life helping others and aims at amelioration of others.

Sadhguru is an Indian proficient. His real nail is Jaggi Vasudev. He is also an author who has published several books related to religion, faith, health and many more. He also has CDS and DVDs about how to improve your life. He has started up an organisation named isha foundation. Isha foundation that mainly aims at social service. Isha foundation focuses on education and the environment. The organisation works for the betterment of every individual. The organisation not only works on one field it works on all sorts of services.

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Before becoming sadhguru, Jaggi Vasudev was a common man who studied in Karnataka. He was well educated and had majored in English proficiency. He didn’t want to pursue anything else after that. He did not know what he wanted to do and was meant for.

One day he decided to go up to Chamundi hill. There he sat on a rock. He just sat there and the only thing that he did was think. He felt a sound of peace in that environment. he just sat there for 20 to 30 minutes enjoying the peace. He felt happy.

After a few weeks, he joined his business, but he couldn’t find that peace that he felt on the rock. He left the business and traveled. He learned more about yoga and meditation.

After a year he came back and conducted his first-ever yoga session in Mysore. There were not many people only hand full of them were present.  Then he traveled again and learned about farming and poultry.

He then started to work and donated all the stipend that he had earned. Slowly the number of people in his session started increasing, he wrote a book and also opened a not-for-profit organisation. This is how he became Sadhguru. He was a person who donated all the income that he has generated.


  • “When your happiness is dependent upon what is happening outside of you, constantly you live as a slave to the external situation.” – SADHGURU.

This quote of wisdom tells us that we should not focus on external happiness. If we do, then we will never be satisfied with ourselves. We always tend to restrict ourselves. If we depend on external situations there will be a need for us to run behind happiness. We will be slaves of the outside circumstances.

  • “The fear is simply because you are not living with life, you are living in your mind”– SADGURU.
  • There is a constant fear that runs in our heads. The fear of being successful or not. This quote tells us that the slightest fear that we get is because we are not living life according to our terms. That is, we all work according to others. This happens because we always live according to other norms and expectations when we should not.
  • “If you pay attention to life, life will blossom within you. If you do not pay attention, you are somewhere else, and then life could go wrong” -SADHGURU.

If you want your life to be meaningful then you need to be aware of what exactly your life is going.  If you don’t pay attention, then there are chances that you will mislead yourself and walk on the wrong path of life.

  • “You can be deeply involved with everything, but still not be identified with it anymore”– SADHGURU.
  • This quote tells us that even if we get involved in various other goals, tasks, and other activities we may still not find what do we want to do with our lives.
  • “Every human being is capable of living blissfully within himself. They have denied themselves this because they never looked at themselves” – SADHGURU.
  • Every individual has the right and authority to live a life according to your fulfillment. We have all lost ourselves. After all, we do not accept ourselves because we always think that we are not good enough.
  • “The contradiction within a human being is simply because he is trying to mentally figure out things that he has not experienced.” ”– SADHGURU.

We always exhaust ourselves trying to figure out what we have not experienced. So, we might sometimes expect more but the outcome we get is not what we have expected. He says that we let our minds free without any expectations we might grab whatever we get.

  • “Everybody is making choices; even their compulsions are their voices. Choices made in unawareness are compulsions…say you get angry right now. It is your choice to be angry…you believe that’s the way to handle the situation, but the choice is made in such unawareness that it is a compulsion.” ”– SADHGURU.
  • This quote says that everyone has the right to choose and behave or react to a situation. No one’s opinion should matter. If we go according to other norms then we might lose ourselves.
  • “Man needs entertainment simply to hide his madness. If he was perfectly sane, he would not need entertainment. He could just sit and watch this bamboo grow. He does not need entertainment.” ”– SADHGURU.
  • We all like to distract ourselves and run away from the problems. We use entertainment to do so. This quote says that when we are calm and don’t run away, we don’t need any kind of entertainment.
  • “Everyday, if you are reminded that you will die, then naturally you will move towards knowing higher dimensions of perception.” ”– SADHGURU.
  • This quote tells us that today never comes again. We are going to die one day. So why not grab the opportunity that we have now and use it to the fullest. Let’s figure out new ways to see the outside world and grasp all the wisdom.
  • “You’re just an imitation of what is around you, it’s just that you don’t imitate one person; you take bits and pieces of hundred people and make yourself.” ”– SADHGURU.

We have all grown up looking at others. Let’s stop imitating others now and be a person who we want to be.


Sadhguru tells us that we should live up to our expectations and not work on other tunes. He advises us that we should wait for the opportunity and grab them immediately once they knock on our door.

Sadhguru has knowledge related to spirituality, wisdom, hope, and religion. His inspiring quotes have changed many lives and have brought happiness. All we need to do it consider ourselves as a priority. Our choices should be ours no one can impose their choices, way of living, etc. on us.

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