Tadasana The Mountain Pose
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Tadasana Yoga, The Mountain Pose is also known as mountain pose. It is a simple standing pose. Tadasana is a pose that usually helps in curing the pain that is generally felt in the back of the muscles, the joints, and the nerves. While doing this pose, you need to focus more on your breathing. It is necessary to be aware of your breath, breathing the right way and right manner is essential while performing this yogic posture.

How To Do Tadasana Yoga, The Mountain Pose?

This yogic posture is more comfortable to perform and can be performed at any time during the day. This pose is beneficial as it helps in curing various pains and aches. Tadasana is considered to be the basis for many other exercises. This is the easiest way to stay healthy and positive.

This yoga pose helps in curing the whole body and various other deformities. Yoga helps in giving a piece of mind. It is considered a powerful way to control one’s mind and thought. Yoga helps in the circulation of blood all over the body. It also helps in relaxing, gives relief from anxiety and helps in reducing stress. Yoga helps in stretching the whole body. This helps in removing the stiffness from the body. Yoga helps in avoiding any kind of pain such as muscle pull sprains etc. yoga is the best way to remain flexible.

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STEP 1: The first step is to stand with your big toes touching each other, and your heels are slightly apart from each other. Make sure to stay firm in the ground and breathe.

 Also, make sure that when you are standing on the ground, the bodyweight much is evenly distributed to both your feet.  

STEP 2: The next step is to keep your thighs firm and slowly lift your heels. There should be a mild pressure on your calves raising till your neck.

Imagine there is an internal flow of energy moving upwards while performing this yoga pose.

STEP 3: Now, your shoulders should be pressed back and widen your hands. Now your hands are not touching the body, make sure that they are few centimetres away from your body.

See to it that your body is straight, and your collar bones are widened.

STEP 4: Now deeply inhale and exhale and stay in this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then slowly place your heel on the ground. Relax and come back to the standing position. Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times a day.


Tadasana,The Mountain Pose has a lot of benefits by itself. It is the basis for all other exercises. 

  • Tadasana helps in maintaining mental balance.
  • This yogic pose helps with obesity.
  • This asana helps in increasing the flexibility of your thighs, ankles, and joints.
  • It helps in increasing the height since your stomach gets stretched.
  • This yoga posture helps in stretching the whole body.
  • This yoga pose also helps in curing flat feet.
  • This asana helps in toning the thighs, calves, and abdomen.
  • This helps in curing problems relating to constipation.
  • This yoga pose helps with any digestive problems.
  • This yogic posture helps in increasing stamina as you are concentrating on breathing.
  • This asana helps in developing physical balance.
  • This yoga posture helps in strengthening the nervous system.
  • This asana also helps in regulating the respiratory system.
  • This asana helps in curing any asthma relating problems as there is a lot of breathing involved.
  • It helps in curing any postural deformities such as hunch backs, bend shoulder, and many more.
  • The whole body gets involved while doing this yoga pose.
  • This also helps in curing diabetes.
  • This yoga pose helps in gaining control over the muscular movements.


  • An individual who is suffering from blood pressure must avoid this yoga pose.
  • An individual suffering from any joint pain much avoid this pose as there is a mild pressure; this might increase the pain.
  • A person suffering from headache much avoid this exercise.
  • Individuals suffering from shoulder pain must also avoid this yoga pose.
  • An individual having severe backache should perform this yogic pose with utmost care.
  • Pregnant women should be cautious while performing this yogic posture.
  • Any person who had a recent surgery or operation should avoid or be careful while performing this yogic pose.

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Usually, beginners face problems while performing it for the first time. Some alternatives can be performed if you aren’t able to do this pose completely.

If you can’t stand straight take back support and stand against a wall while performing this asana. Here your heels should touch the wall. Make sure that your head does not touch the wall.

In the beginning, you might face difficulty in balancing. So instead of touching your big toes and standing stand a few inches apart and do this yoga pose.


 Yoga is considered to be the best way to relax your mind and body. It helps in giving mental strength. Yoga, in general, helps in curing any psychological issues. It also helps to heal any deformities. It stretches the whole body; this helps in increasing flexibility.

Tadasana or the mountain pose is the first pose to be learned, and this is because it acts as a base for most of the exercises. This yoga or any other yoga poses should be performed according to the precise instructions. This helps in eliminating any injuries that might take place while performing yoga.

Tadasana helps to regain energy. It also helps in bringing positive thinking in our minds. This yoga pose massages the whole body and gives a boost of energy. This is an internal energy that you feel while performing this yoga.

There are various contraindications mentioned above. Individuals suffering from any of these problems must perform this yogic posture with utmost care or must avoid this yoga pose.

Performing yoga daily will help you stay healthy and fit. So, adding a little dose of yoga in your daily life helps you to stay positive, healthy and happy.

 Perform this exercise regularly to get better results.


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