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Know Ustrasana

We have heard a lot about yoga from almost everyone, but do we really know the actual meaning of yoga.

Yoga has been recognized by various well know people and there are different meanings and definitions this is because for each of them yoga means something.

Yoga is said to be way and manner through which one can help in relaxing the mind and body. yoga is one of the best ways one can cure various pains and diseases. Yoga is one of the best ways through which each body parts can be starched. It helps in toning the muscles and gives a good shape to the body.

Yoga has many asanas, and each of these asanas not only gives us health benefits but also has a deep meaning. Each yoga posture and pose stand for something.

Yoga stands for purity that is it helps in cleansing our bodies. It refreshes our mind and body. it gives us the energy to start our day with a boost. Yoga has been put into for many years.

Yoga was first originated in India. There were a lot of yogis who through various old scripture and writing created the concept of yoga. It was primarily through Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.

Now, what is ustrasana? Let’s see in detail


Ustrasana is one of the difficult asanas but is the most beneficial asana. Ustrasana has various benefits. It helps in breathing since your chest gets opened. This posture is also called as the camel pose.

It is called a camel pose because it resembles the camel. It is mainly performed to improve the flexibility of the back.



Step 1: the first step to perform ustrasana is to kneel on the yoga mat or any soft surface. Make sure that your body is straight when you kneel, that is your thighs, back, neck and head should be straight.

Step 2: the next step Is to slowly bend your upper body that is your stomach and shoulders.

Step 3: the third step is to make you’re your legs are flat and firm on to the yoga mat. Get those grips on your thighs.

Step 4: slowly inhale and put your shoulders backs and open your chest widely. Slowly raise your hands.

Step 5: raise your hands and touch your hips and try to bend. Then slowly extend your hands and touch your heels. Once you are in this position slowly raise your head. Now your head is facing upward.

Step 6: inhale and exhale while performing this exercise. But before doing so make sure your body in a comfortable position.

Step 7:  Stay in this position for 4 to 5 minutes and perform this yogic posture for a few breaths.

Step 8: now to release from this position, first slowly lift your head, then slowly lift your hands to the front along with your upper body. Now you are in the initial position.

Step 9: slowly relax by bringing your legs in front. Make sure your body is straight. This is a relaxed position.

Initially, people will find it difficult to perform this asana.


Initially, there will be difficult to perform this asana but there are various other alternatives.

The first alternative is to place something soft under your knee or to use a yoga mat. If your thighs don’t have enough gap, then you can place a strap or a band that to give a thigh gap.

The next alternative is if your hand doesn’t reach your heel, you can start slowly. Till wherever you can extend your hands hold that area.

It is necessary to make sure that your end position a comfortable one. If you are not comfortable then it is not necessary to raise your head.

Slowly with practice, you can achieve the results and position.


  • It helps in curing any kind of heart disease.
  •  This yoga posture also helps in strengthening the core muscles.
  • This yoga pose helps in giving energy to the body.
  • This yoga posture ensures great stability.
  • It also cures any kind of postural deformities.
  • This also helps in improving digestion.
  • This yoga pose can relieve any pain related to the back and shoulders.
  • This yoga posture helps in improving the flexibility in the back and stomach.
  • It helps in overcoming and curing the menstrual pain.


  • Pregnant women should avoid this exercise since the stomach is stretched.
  • Any individual suffering from blood pressure be it low or high pressure should avoid this asana.
  • Any individual having a neck injury should avoid this exercise.
  • Any individual having serious back problems must consult a doctor before performing this yoga pose.
  • Any person having a severe headache or migraine problem should avoid this exercise.


Yoga, as we have read earlier, is considered to be the best exercise. It helps in relaxing both the mind and body. it gives us peace and helps us to avoid stress and tension.

 This asana that is ustrasana is difficult but the best exercise. Utrasana helps in stretching the whole body. stretching as we know is necessary to wake those lazy muscles. If you don’t stretch your muscles will function at a slower rate.

Ustrasana is also good for all those people suffering from lung problems and heart problems. It is one of the best exercises. This exercise helps in improving flexibility as well.

While performing this yoga pose one must follow the steps mentioned above as it is a little difficult than the other asanas. There are other necessary things mentioned above such as the contradiction. Everyone mentioned under contraindications must avoid this asana.

There are alternatives mention above as well that act as a guide or a helping hand to perform this yoga posture. it is necessary to read through all these.

Overall, yoga is one best way through which you can lose weight and also improve your flexibility. So practicing it regularly helps in benefiting the overall health of a person. It keeps one fit and active.

So, stay happy, stay healthy through yoga.

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