Virabhadrasana 1 Yoga Pose The Warrior 1 Pose
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Virabhadrasana 1 Yoga Pose: This asana, or yoga pose, is known as the warrior pose. This pose depicts the warrior present in every individual who battles several enemies present within themselves. The worst enemy is self-ignorance. This asana celebrates the essence of such a warrior. Many wonder why does something as peaceful as yoga contains a warrior pose. Well, this yogic pose is derived from the Bhagavad Gita and this part pertains to the dialogues between Krishna and Arjuna, two warriors on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

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STEPS of Virabhadrasana 1 Yoga Pose, The Warrior 1 Pose

Now, like every other asana, even this asana has certain steps that must be followed by anyone attempting to do it. The steps are given below.

Step 1

To perform this asana, you are first required to position yourself according to  Tadasana (Mountain Posse). Then you need to let out your breath and perform a light jump on your feet with a distance of 2-4 feet from the ground. Then you need to raise your hands parallel to each other, and keep them perpendicular to the ground. The hand needs to reach towards the ceiling. Your backbone needs to remain erect and in line with your coccyx.

Step 3

In this step of the asana, you need to breathe out the air you were holding and bend the right knee over the right ankle, ensure that your left heel remains firm on the ground. The front part of your leg (shin) needs to maintain an angle perpendicular to the ground. If you are extra flexible and can do it, then you’re your right thigh parallel to the ground.

Step 4

Then you need to proceed with the asana with your head lifted high. Try to lift your arms as high as possible and hold them strongly, ensure that your upper part of the body inclusive of the rib cage is away from the pelvis. Try to balance yourself on the ground with your back foot. There is a surge that runs through your body, from back leg across the stomach and to the chest right up to the arms. Try to reduce the distance between the two palms. And try to reach as high as possible.

Step 5

To ensure that the asana has it’s desired effect, you need to maintain that posture for at least 30 seconds. To regain your normal position, you have to inhale oxygen. Then, after pressing the heel firmly into the ground you need to slowly try to use your arms and straighten the right knee. After doing this, you need to twist your leg in the forward direction. If you wish, you can maintain your arms in their up and erect position for an added challenge. Then slowly, with twisting your left feet perform the same action. Ensure that you inhale and exhale for both sides. After, all this resumes your standing position.

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BENEFITS of Virabhadrasana 1 Yoga Pose, The Warrior 1 Pose

This asana certainly has a horde of advantages for the performing individual, just like all other asanas.  These benefits are-

1. This asana allows you to relax your chest and lungs. This helps in releasing the tension present in the shoulder, lungs, neck and stomach. It also relaxes the groin.

2. This asana increases the strength and endurance capacity of the muscles of the shoulder and arms. It also adds to the strength of the back muscles

3. It gives a proper stretch out to the muscles of the thigh and the calf muscles. The ankles are also subjected to strengthening and stretching out.

4. This asana helps to maintain body balance and increase the stamina.

5. This asana is particularly good for those people who do desk jobs, sitting at their desks for hours at length. It helps to rejuvenate the muscles and increase the metabolic rate of the individual.

CONTRAINDICATIONS of Virabhadrasana 1 Yoga Pose

To get the full benefits of this yogic pose, you must keep certain things in your mind before doing this asana. These caution tips are important to ensure that you do not develop any bad pain while doing this fruitful asana. First of all, if you have the following problems you shouldn’t do this asana.

  • High blood pressure
  • Problems in the heart
  • Yogis having pain or problems in their shoulder should ensure that the area remains in an erect position and are parallel to each other. It is better, if they are a bit wider than the parallel position.
  • If you have problems in your neck, then try to maintain your head in a balanced and neutral position. Ensure, that you are looking directly at your hands.
  • Pregnant women can do this asana, but only if they have been a proper practitioner of yoga. And, they must do only under expert guidance and with doctor’s advice.
  • People with arthritis or any other problem in their knee should support themselves with the help of the wall while doing this exercise.
  • Patients, who have recently recovered from a major illness, should consult a doctor before doing this asana.

VARIATIONS of Virabhadrasana 1 Yoga Pose

There are various variations and modifications of this asana which can help anyone to do this asana. These variations are given below-

1.For Imbalance

For those who fail to maintain their balance in this asana, can stabilize their body by maintaining a distance of few inches from their frontward foot to the middle of their body.

2.Back Foot Lifting

With people having trouble with lifting the back foot, then they can place something, like a block, below their heel and press on it. Or they could press it against the wall.

3.Strained Back Knee

For those who are experiencing a strain on their back knee, they could try to lift the kneecap whilst keeping the leg completely erect.

4. Changes in the position of the arms

This pose can also be performed by keeping your arms in different positions. It is not important to always keep your arms erect.

CONCLUSION of Virabhadrasana 1 Yoga Pose

This asana can help you stay fit and healthy. To experience the perks of this asana, it is important for you to follow every step to their last detail and not incorrectly perform this asana and keep in mind all the contraindications.

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