What is karma yoga
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What is Karma Yoga?

Sadhguru looks at the importance of the process of karma yoga, its role on the spiritual path and how one can take action as a means of spiritual growth.

Ask: What is the role of karma yoga in sadhana?

Sadhguru: It is not really necessary. Yoga does not need karma. Yoga is to go beyond karma. Why karma yoga is brought in is to bring balance to a person. Whatever we call as our consciousness, our love, our experience or a glimpse of our reality, if it is to be sustained, the path of not doing is a very beautiful path, but it is very smooth. Extremely smooth. It is the simplest and the most difficult. It is not difficult, but it is not easy at all, because it is simple – now, here and now. But that here and now – how do you get it? Whatever you do, it is not in your hands. It will never be in your hands. But your hands need something now, you have to hold something. That is why the stool of karma yoga.

Most people cannot walk without the crutch. There are a few creatures that can walk without a crutch from the first moment. They are very rare creatures. Everyone else needs the crutch to control your consciousness. Without this, most people cannot keep up to date. So karma yoga is brought into your life to properly dampen sadhana with the right form of action.


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Activity – liberating or entangled

Karma yoga has unfortunately been described as a service, but it is not.

Karma yoga has unfortunately been described as a service, but it is not. It is a way to undo the impressions you have collected. If you can involve yourself joyfully in any activity, then that is karma yoga. If you do it with great effort, there will only be karma, no yoga will happen!

In general, various activities that you perform get entangled and entangled in life. But if the activity becomes a process of liberation instead of entanglement, it is karma yoga. Whether it is work or walking the street or talking to someone, the nature of the activity is not important. When you do something alone because it is necessary, where it does not mean anything to you, but you are able to involve yourself as if it were your life, it transforms you and becomes action free.

Why Karma Yoga is necessary for everyone?

When we built the Dhyanalinga, people thought: This is it! He wants this to happen. Let us do it! Once this is done we can relax.. They worked as if their lives depended on it. They went from house to house, raised money and provided the necessary support and care. When it was finished, I announced ten different projects before they said “Ooff …”. I will always keep it on because people need that kind of action. They should do what is necessary without worrying about their fulfillment and their likes and dislikes. Either way, we’re doing something for our growth, so let’s do something that’s useful for everyone. Let’s act wisely.

Total involvement

Doing something that you don’t say anything, but with total involvement is what breaks the karmic structure

Many masters have made these kinds of actions. When Gurdjieff started his centers in Europe, the European elite went to him. In the morning he gave them a shovel and a pickaxe and said, Dig trenches.  In the hot sun they stood and grooves and grooves. These were not people used to any kind of work. By the time they had worked a few hours, they had blisters all over. He stood there and drove them on. In the evening they were hungry, but they worked and worked, digging ditches. Then he looked at the watch: ‘Okay, it’s seven o’clock. It’s like dinnertime. You can all close the trenches again before we eat. Work all day!

Doing something you don’t say with total involvement is what breaks the karmic structure. Karma means action. If action is to become yoga, action must be liberating. If your activity has become a process of binding yourself, it is karma. So the question is not about how much activity you do. How you do the activity makes all the difference. When you crawl through your work, that is karma. When you dance through your work, it is karma yoga.

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