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What is Yoga Asanas

Asana is a physical practice of yoga, which is also commonly known by the name as Yoga Poses. Yet, practicing yoga poses is not just a part of a simple exercise. It is a physical medium via which we can keep both our body as well as our mind calm and balanced.

There is a beautiful quote on asana given by the Patanjali, “Sthira Sukham Asanam,” which means “That which is steady and which is comfortable is asana.”

Benefits of Yoga Asanas

So, here are some such excellent benefits of yoga poses to come of doing your asanas right—

  • Strong Muscles like the He-Man

There sure are some other heroes more illustrations than He-Man in the superhero universe, but none so visibly strong muscled. While there is nothing co-incidental about yoga and this particular fictitious character, you should be taking to the core- top yoga number look and feel solid in the muscles. Well-liked poses like Phalakasana can be counted upon for fortifying your abs, arms, shoulder, and legs all at once. Also, do the different shades of the Warrior Pose to stretch and make your lower abs and legs fit.

  • Always Feeling Fit as a Fiddle

Yoga provides you with an alternative for the flurrying and sweaty hours on the treadmill and the awkwardness of anything machine bound. Yoga lets you be yourself, take your own pace, and move via the stages of an advanced workout all in your peaceful time. There are no so type of vital aspects of the gym missing in the routine – cardio, strength training, and stretch warm-ups, also a supple, smooth quality of flexibility!

  • Cutting Back Weight

Yoga fire up the metabolic system thus enables healthy calorie burning through all phases of the day. Also, the hormones receive a boost, which also plays a vital part in your weight scenario. There is also something much more extremely orienting about yoga towards wholesome habits like mindful eating over binge snacking!

  • Surviving an Exhausting Day like a Boss

Make sure to try doing a pose easy but meditative like the Tree, between hectic hours of work. See how thoughts come to a point, and anxiety takes a back step. Also, breathe in to fill your heart with positive oxygen and energy. Experience the exhaustion residing.

  • To Be Smarter than Fight-or-Flight

Stress and burgeoning anxiety- this is a demon we all have to fight for some periods of our lives. There are some other ways to manage and keep stress under the bay, but the fight and flight can be quite devastating. You can either become too defensive or exhaust all your energy in battling anxiety growing inside you, or you flee the scene, throwing all the opportunities away.

The meditative approach of yoga teaches one to be calm inside and not be bothered even in the face of tremendous pressure.

  • Breathing Deeper, Purer

Pranayama or the exercise of breath is a major element in yoga. The routine establishes a habit of taking the breathes much more deep and strong at a diaphragmatic level. This works in purifying our inner body as well as in distilling out the thoughts. You can look forward to health and vigor from more oxygenation and a better flow of blood.

  • Secret to Happy-Go-Lucky

One of the biggest benefits of yoga poses practiced every day is the rush of endorphins or happy hormones. With it, one feels full of positive vibes, good cheer, and the warm feeling of being loved. This happy state is one in which every step you take and every work you do is only motivated by joy and nothing else.

Few of Yoga Asanas with pictures

Here is the list of top types of yoga asanas with images.

Mandukasana (Frog Pose)

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Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

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Simhasana (Lion Pose)

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Matsyasana (Fish Pose) – See also Matsya Asana Yoga Pose

Credit: alphamale.co

Mayurasana (Peacock Pose)

Credit: yogaasan.com

Kukkutasana (Cock Pose)

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Famous Yoga Asanas names

  • The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)
  • Leg Raises
  • See also Basic Breathing BHASTRIKA PRANAYAMA Yoga
  • The Plough (Hala Asana)
  • The Shoulder Stand (Sarvang Asana)
  • The Bow (Dhanur Asana)
  • The Lotus (Padma Asana)

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