Yoga For Kids
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Yoga for Kids

Kids these days are very busy. They go to school all day, have extra-curricular and homework in the evenings, family time and more extra-curricular on the weekends.

Practicing yoga is essential for kids for many of the same reasons as it is essential for adults. Yoga helps kids to sleep better, increase empathy, improve emotional regulation, and improve mood and affect.

Yoga for kids benefits

So, here are some of the benefits of yoga for kids:

1. Yoga Improves Memory and Cognitive Functioning

Yoga helps to improve cognitive and memory function by creating focus within. Practicing yoga requires a concentration of both the body and mind. We have to pay attention to the movement of our bodies and how our breathing coordinates with those movements.

At the time when, kids practice yoga, they are essentially practicing their ability to focus on the task at hand. In their day to day lives, this translated to better focus and cognitive functioning at school, leading to improved academic achievement.

2. Yoga Improves Social Relationships

Yoga is typically regarded as an individual activity. We go to yoga classes with some other people and take part in the yoga community where we can share our experiences with others.

For kids, the entire yoga practice is a social activity. Yoga for kids typically includes games, songs, and other fun activities that get kids moving together and learning from one another as well, moreover, with partner yoga poses. This helps to create a positive, engaging environment in which kids can have fun, talk to one another, and learn to trust one another.

3. Yoga Improves Sleep

Getting the body to move before bedtime is an excellent way to improve sleep. When we are stressed, then at that time, our bodies are tense, and our minds are full, reducing our ability to sleep well. This is also true for kids.

We tend to think that kids “ have it easy” and that they don’t feel stressed, but this simply is not true. Kids are not stressed about finances or getting to work on time, but they are stressed out by their peer relationships and schoolwork.

Practicing yoga helps kids to sleep better, release stress by using their breathing to calm the mind and the nervous system. Yoga helps to relieve tension and release negative emotions held physically in the body, thus helping them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

4. Yoga Improves Mood

Just like any other physical exercise, practicing yoga helps kids to release their negative feeling and thoughts, bring about mental clarity, and feel better about them. When we do something physical such as yoga, we release endorphins, creating feelings of happiness and calm.

Yoga, on the other hand is also a love fun activity in which kids can be silly, play games, and be with their friends in a non-competitive environment, while also learning so much about them!

4 Yoga Poses for Kids Poses

Tabletop Pose


This is the starting position for many other poses, such as cow and cat. Resting on your hands and knees, helps to bring knees hip-width apart. Palms should be directly under the shoulders with the fingers facing forward and the back is flat.

Cat and Cow Poses

Cat Cow Pose

For cat pose, while in the position of table top, round the back and tuck the chin into the chest. For a cow, sunk the belly toward the floor and arch the back, looking up. Feel free to alternate between the two poses. These are mainly used as warm-up exercises for the spine.

Standing Forward Bend


See if your child can easily grab their ankles by bending forward at the waist. They can also bend their knees to make it much easier. This helps to stretch the hamstrings, hips, and calves and strengthens the thighs and knees.

Child’s Pose


For the appropriately named pose, sit back on the heels and then slowly bring the forehead down in front of the knees. Rest the arms alongside the body. This peaceful pose helps to stretches the hips and thighs and helps to calm your kid’s mind.

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