Yoga Poses for Constipation
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The word Yoga means union, union with God or union of the ego- self with the divine- self, the infinite spirit. It is a sum of mental, physical and spiritual practices that bring the body and mind to mutual harmony. Yoga consists of practical methods for controlling body and mind, this makes it scientific. Moreover, it requires sensitive practice if one wants to avoid superficial results, making it an Art.

Yoga is an ancient science that revolves around body energy. It helps people to discover a healthy lifestyle and a divine path.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga’s primary objective is to attain equilibrium between your mind and body. This way it results in a healthy mind and a healthy body.  Practising yoga develops your mental, physical and spiritual well- being and also thrives for their betterment. It helps you evolve a divine connection, which recharges your body with cosmic energy. Prastising Yoga maximizes your awareness and leads you to emotional well- being. Yoga is undoubtedly the best method for self- realisation and self- healing. It creates a balance between oneself and the surrounding, thus enabling you to have a proper and healthy lifestyle.

Can Yoga Cure Constipation?

Constipation is improper defecation for a considerable period of time for example more than three months. It is a very common lifestyle and old age problem. It causes painful discomfort arising from an unhealthy diet, daily habits, consequent travelling or no physical activity.

Although constipation can be cured by medication and medical treatment, many people have started opting a more natural method to cure this problem.

The natural alternative to cure constipation is Yoga. It is not only a therapeutic and healthy method but also cost- effective. It can be done by anyone and of any age. Practising Yoga poses for constipation helps you to manage your system and functioning of the organs. However, one has to be regular with their Yoga practices to see evident results.

The yoga poses or ‘asanas’ for constipation are inclusive of forward bends, backward bends and twists. These moves massage the body organs and manipulate the digestive tract, causing easy movement for stools or gas to pass. This way one does not only cure constipation but several other lifestyle problems like managing stress, anxiety, and body ache. Practising yoga exercises for constipation will surely benefit your digestive system but along with it increase your blood flow and delivery of oxygen. This will improve your immunity and make you fitter. As Yoga has so many benefits, it is always a wise and good option.

Who benefits from Yoga?

Considering our lifestyle and daily habits, all of us need Yoga. It has become imperative for us to include Yoga in our day to day life.

All human beings are bound to benefit from such a scientific and artistic practice of body energy. Problems like stress, anxiety, constipation, heart problems, joint pain and lack of positivity have become very common among all age groups. Yoga is the best and the right way to tackle all of these problems. It can single handedly cure us and give us mental, physical and emotional relief. It is the one solution to all of our problems and the best option for complete well- being. Thus it benefits every human being.

Perks of Practicing Yoga:

Practising Yoga has numerous perks for an individual. From helping you balance your physical, emotional and mental well- being to balancing your professional and personal life. Inculcating Yoga in your daily schedule will bring about a lifestyle change and the results of which will be visible in your daily chores.

When you practice Yoga regularly, it removes the negative blocks in your mind, and activates your parasympathetic nervous system, enabling you to have a more optimistic approach and thinking. This way a person can tackle anxiety or stress due to office work, house chores or studies. Yoga also helps in detoxifying your body, and this de- cluttering process makes your body fit and healthy. This also resolves multiple minor and major body function issues

Students and professionals are recommended to practice Yoga, as it increases their concentration, power to focus and attention span. This results in efficient working or studying.

The perks of Yoga are many and hence one should make it a daily habit.

Yoga poses for Curing Constipation

Prasticing Yoga Asanas or Poses can help one cure Constipation. Following are some of the best yoga asanas or exercises for the same:

  1. Pranayama IV

It is a breathing exercise that causes the movement of abdominal muscles and the belly. It is one of the simplest and best Yoga asanas for constipation This results in better functioning of the digestive and respiratory system.

  • Vajrasana

To do the vajrasana, one has to kneel and pull their ankles and knees together. Then their hands on their thighs and adjust their pelvis. This way one gains a stiff posture, which improves the blood circulation in the abdominal region resulting in the better functioning of the digestive organs.

  • Bhujangasana

This is one of the best yoga poses for constipation. To perform this asana, one has to lie down on their stomach and stretch their legs in such a manner that their knees touch each other. Then place their hands near the chest and lift their upper body in the upward direction, transferring all bodyweight to their hands. This yoga exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles and improves the functioning of the digestive tract

  • Ardha Matsyendra Asana

It is also called a half twist pose. It is a yoga pose for constipation where a person sits straight with his right leg bent inside and right foot near the left buttock while the left leg is placed across the right knee. With everything else erect one should hold this position with normal breathing. This posture leads to better functioning of the abdominal organs.

  • Salabhasana

To perform this position, one has to lie on their stomach, raise their upper body in the upward direction. They must inhale while raising their legs and exhale while bringing them down. It stretches the spine and makes you flexible. It makes your abdominal muscles stronger.


Yoga has time and again proved to be a healthy cure for most physical and mental health problems. Yoga for constipation has proved to treat the patients; all the yoga poses and asanas for constipation have proved to be very efficient. One must practice Yoga regularly and not just as a cure to health problems but also for the general well- being of your body and mind.