Yoga Poses for High Blood Pressure
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Yoga is a very important part of a healthy life irrespective of the age of the person. The need of doing yoga on a regular basis is increasing daily with the increase in diseases and pollution everywhere. There are certain global issues which we cannot handle but what we can do is some regular yoga to keep ourselves free of any sort of disease. There is a huge benefit of doing yoga, it keeps the body healthy and makes the immunity strong, keeps the mind calm and helps to have patience.

 Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has a great impact on regulating the blood pressure level, yoga keeps body fitness and flexibility, helps in focusing on day to day work, makes the body more immune and less vulnerable to the new diseases that come up with new names every year. There are diseases of various types but all the disease can be stopped from affecting you if you keep yourself fit by doing regular yoga and also some quality meditation.

What are the benefits of yoga?

High blood pressure is the root cause of being vulnerable to heart diseases, chronic kidney diseases and also strokes. If the blood pressure can be controlled at the required level then the risk of having a heart attack, heart failure, any blockage, kidney failure, other kidney-related problems. There is a solution to every sort of problem and the best solution for any mentioned disease is not only operation or medication but yoga and meditation. Meditation is one of the most curing yogas which can make a mind positive, reduce stress, anxiety and depression which often creates the tension when the tension reduces the person who is having a tenacity of high blood pressure can get control of his level of blood pressure. Yoga gives a mental boos up which makes a mind healthy.

For which age yoga is most important?

Yoga is important for all the age groups, be it a child, an adult or an old person, yoga is the key to handling blood pressure which is the main reason for ruining health these days. We can observe that a yoga doer is healthy and lives longer with positivity towards life than a person who doesn’t do yoga and lives life with lots and lots of negativities. The cure that yoga does is incomparable to any other medication on which we spend more than a thousand to two thousand bucks on a monthly basis, we can save that money for some other good works and spend some regular time doing yoga to reduce blood pressure than to increase the blood pressure seeing big prescriptions and big injections.

Can yoga maintain normal blood pressure level?

Yes, yoga helps in regulation of blood pressure level of a person and reduces the risk of any major heart attack, panic attack, anxiety, stress, heart or kidney failure or blockage and many more diseases. Only simple yogas are to be done, which are not at all tough. The difficult heartbreaking pain is tough to bear for sure.

What else is needed along with simple yogas to control high blood pressure?

All you need to do is some simple things, yoga is a must in the list of activities, along with yoga, you need to have control over your eating habits too, eat according to a healthy diet plan, workout till you reach the healthy weight as per your age and height. One who is having a high blood pressure issue must not even imagine of alcohol, alcohol tops the list of don’t do activities when you are stressed out you and you feel uneasy stay away from that matter that is making you uneasy and you can take a walk or can meditate or you can also watch some comedy and listen to soft soothing songs. All these will reduce the stress but doing meditation on a daily basis will teach you to tackle the stress and that is more important than running away from problems which are led by hypertension. Also, if you want a healthy life, smoking is not a friend of yours. Say no to cigarettes else the worst is still waiting for you.

Some simple yogas are as follows that will control your blood pressure-

  1. Dolphin Pose- To perform this yoga you have to stand straight and then you have to bend sideways to touch your left hand to your left leg and right hand to the right leg, this helps to stretch and open the heart for smooth functioning.
  • Bridge Pose–  To perform this yoga you have to stand straight and keep your leg at a little distance and then you have to bend facing front till you touch your feet.
  •  Corpse pose– This one is the simplest of the lot, here you need to lie down on a flat surface and rest your body and mind, this is the sleeping pose which we all can do easily.
  • Downward facing dog pose-  you have to stand straight and then bend till your palms touch the ground and that has to be a shape of a mountain or an inverted V, the regular doing of this increases the lung capacity and the chest muscles become strong.
  • Reclining Hand to big toe pose- in this yoga, you need to lie down straight on a flat surface and lift your right leg first and hold your right leg’s big toe with your hand, after this, you have to keep your right leg back and do this with your left leg too.
  • Standing forward bend– this one is a bit tough if you lack flexibility but if you try this regularly then it’s your cup of tea too. Here you have to keep your feet close when you stand straight then you bend forward to touch your forehead to your knees and keep your hand resting on your ankles.

All the yogas are very worthy and simple to be practised every day for a very small time period, all you need to do is to make a schedule and give yoga the priority because that is the key to your healthy life.