Yoga Poses for Shoulder Pain
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Yoga Poses for Shoulder Pain

The shoulders are one of the most common areas of the body to hold stress. Many of us who sit at desks all day or spend lots of hours behind the wheel commuting know that the shoulders become tense and even need attention. Yoga poses that focus on the shoulders is an amazing way to release this tension and rest your body. So, here are some of the yoga poses for shoulder pain:

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1. Shoulder Rolls

5 Yoga Poses for Shoulder Pain 1

This yoga poses to begin to restore flexibility, and mobility is a series of simple shoulder rolls. Stand or sit in such a way that your arms can hand freely by your sides. Inhale, rolling your shoulders forward and up. As you exhale, continue rolling the back and down.

Complete this action five times, following your breath, and then reverse the motion. Finish up with the five more rolls forward and up, then back and down.

2. Arm across Chest Pose


This is the yoga exercise for frozen shoulder; simply sit on the floor or on a chair with an elongated neck, straight spine, and relaxed shoulders. Simply stretch the right arm out to the shoulder height and bring it to the chest to the left side of the body.

Use your left hand to gently push your right hand towards your chest. This pose will help to stretch the shoulder back and neck. Hold for around 8-10 breaths and repeat it for the other side as well.

 3. Parsva Balasana (Thread the Needle Pose)


This is the yoga poses for shoulders it starts by coming into tabletop position. Extend your right arm upwards as you take a much more deep breath.

Breathe out and insert your right-hand between the left knee and left hand with palm facing upwards. Your right ear should be kept on the mat.

Make sure to repeat the same exercise for the left side. Hold on the posture on both sides as long as possible. This yoga poses to strengthen shoulders is helpful in twisting your cervical spine like no other asana.

4. Ear to Shoulder


This is the best yoga poses for shoulder pain; simply sit on a chair or floor with relaxed shoulders and a straight spine. Roll your right ear towards the right shoulder. Place your left fingertips on the top of the right ear and try to give more stretch to your neck muscle.

Repeat this exercise on the other side. This is the very effective yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain. You have to put pressure on both the stretch points in order to deepen the stretch. Also, roll your head side to side after five breaths.

5. Shoulder Stretch


This is a pose of yoga for shoulder for pain; simply sit or stand with a straight spine. Place the fingertips on the shoulder top. Pull both the elbows towards each other in front of your body to stretch out upper back and shoulder blades. Pull shoulders backward for a deep chest and shoulder stretch.

Slowly rotate your shoulders into big circles in a forward direction. Then, repeat the same by making circles in a backward direction.

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